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What are boosters, and how are they different from fertilisers?


Hesi Boosters are plant care products that provide extra luxury to plants beyond basic fertilisers. They contain vitamins, amino acids, plant sugars, and enzymes that are already in a ready-to-use form, saving the time and energy plants would have spent building them from basic nutrients. The use of Hesi Boosters has two main benefits: saving time and saving energy. By using Hesi Boosters, the time it takes for plants to develop their root system, improve their overall health and condition, maintain their growth medium, and produce fruits and flowers is significantly reduced. Hesi Boosters also provide an energy reserve for plants, resulting in increased growth rate, more plentiful yields, improved health and condition, and increased resistance to diseases and environmental changes. Boosters differ from fertilisers in that they do not provide primary NPK nutrients but instead optimise plants that already have these basic needs covered. They also provide extra luxury that fertilisers do not. In nature, plants have to create the components themselves, which takes time and energy. Hesi Boosters save plants time and energy by providing these components in a ready-to-use form.


Boosters save time

With the use of our 4 different Hesi Boosters, the mentioned components are provided in a ready-to-use form. The plant does not have to metabolise or transform them before they can be used. This significantly reduces the time it takes for your plants to:
  • Develop their root system, and properly balance the size of their root system with the amount of foliage above the surface (Root Complex).
  • Improve and maintain their overall health and condition (SuperVit).
  • Maintain their growth medium, so it stays clean and productive (PowerZyme).
  • Produce fruits and flowers (Hesi Boost).

Boosters save energy

On top of the time saving benefits, much of your plants’ energy is saved, because they are being pampered by the boosters. As the name implies, boosters also contain a direct energy source to boost the vitality of your plants. All this extra energy won’t go to waste. Plants are never lazy when it comes to their own survival and securing their next generation in the form of seeds, flowers and fruits. Being supported by Hesi’s boosters, your plants will gratefully redirect their extra energy. Results you may expect from plants that have built up an energy reserve are;

  • Increased growth rate; by keeping more growth points active simultaneously, while consolidating the achieved size with thick and strong limbs. Plants lacking an energy reserve are often forced to desperately grow slender and weak limbs, to quickly reach towards their light source and increase photosynthesis for more energy.
  • More plentiful yields, with improved taste for fruits and more potent smells for flowers, thanks to higher sugar concentrations.
  • Overall improved health and condition that makes plants more resistant to diseases, and less sensitive to environmental changes, as they now possess a buffer to deal with difficulties.

What does the comparison between “booster” and “fertiliser” look like?

Plants use a process called "biosynthesis" to make all the things they need. This process happens inside tiny workstations in plant cells, which work like a factory production line. Basic nutrients are processed step-by-step into a variety of useful substances for the plant. But sometimes things can go wrong, like injury or pests, which can cause major distress to the plant factory. In these situations, the plant may not be able to make all the things it needs, which can cause damage. That's where Hesi Boosters come in. They work like supervisors in the factory, providing partially completed plant components to idle workers and kickstarting the conveyor belt with an energy source. This helps the plant continue its work and avoid damage.

Biosynthesis supported by Hesi Boosters:

This means that the production line is always maximally occupied along all the steps, and thereby becomes extremely efficient and productive. When you realise that the end product that is created in this example, can itself be required as a worker in a different process, you start to see how impactful the effect of boosters can be on the productiveness of plants. Even plants that do not experience stress at all, will still benefit from the reduction of time it would have taken them to produce their own intermediate products. The difference between a plant that relies on a “step-by-step” trickle of components, and a plant that is firing on all cylinders at the same time can really be astonishing. Perhaps it is not entirely coincidental that industrial factories are sometimes also called “production plants”. 
Boosters are the key to unlocking the full potential of these power houses in your own garden and cultivation. Using Hesi Boosters to support the natural process of making nutrients in plants makes the production line inside plant cells more efficient and productive. The boosters provide intermediate or partially completed plant components to keep the workers on the production line occupied at all times. This helps plants produce their own nutrients faster and can have a big impact on their overall productivity, even if they are not stressed. By using boosters, you can help your plants reach their full potential, just like how factories use machines to increase their productivity.

HESI Boosters

Our 4 different boosters are individually tailored towards reaching this optimised efficiency via 4 different avenues. Because they all specialise in different biosynthetic processes, they can be used together at the same time, and seamlessly cooperate with each other.

Hesi’s Booster dream-team:


Hesi Root Complex

Supervises production of naturally occurring growth hormones and signalling components. These are used in balancing growth between roots underground, and foliage above ground.

Hesi SuperVit

Oversees the supply of vitamins and amino acids used throughout the entire plant, think for example of vitamins required for photosynthesis and the construction of chlorophyll.

Hesi PowerZyme

Takes charge of the growing medium. The enzyme it provides makes sure that the environment around the plant roots is kept in optimal condition, while recycling disposed root hairs and other organic material for the plant.

Hesi Boost

Manages the blooming period, when different production lines must be activated and enabled to produce fruits, flowers, buds and seeds.

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