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The Bloom Expert

Many plants need a trigger to switch from their growth phase to start their blooming phase. This can be external stimuli such as light, temperature or simply after the passage of time, but also nutritional enhancement. Boost contains a large number of natural sugars, minerals, enzymes and fruit acids from plant extracts and fruit extracts that have a strong effect on flowering.

We start to give Boost at the end of the growth phase to stimulate our green friends to flower. The process that the plant goes through, in order to start this flowering phase, is quite intense. A lot of things are happening inside the plant, which requires regular use of Hesi Boost. During the flowering phase, we use Boost continuously to keep the flowers in top shape. It increases leaf density and improves the overall plant condition.

  • Boost is a very efficient foliar fertiliser.
  • Induces and strengthens flowering.
  • Longlasting fruits with high sugar content. 

20 ml / 10 L

  • Regularly for watering:  20 ml / 10 L 
  • Regularly for foliar spraying: 10-20 ml / 10 L 
  • To be used together with fertilisers and other boosters.

  • Organic fertiliser with added PK (1-1) 
  • Plant extracts from Saccharum officinarum and Beta vulgaris. 

Hesi Boost is available in the following volumes: 

  • 500 ml 
  • 1000 ml 
  • 2,5 L 
  • 5 L 
  • 10 L

Did you know? 

In biochemistry, "saccharose" is a general word for all sugars. The singular word “saccharide” itself comes from the greek word “sákkharon”, which means sugar. Saccharides are divided into 4 subgroups, but all of these function as materials in which energy is stored. For instance, they make up starch (found in cereals, bread, pasta and potatoes), cellulose (found in cell walls and dietary fiber) and sugars (such as in candy, jams and desserts). Other examples of saccharides are fructose (fruit sugar), sucrose (cane or beet sugar), and lactose (milk sugar). 
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Boosters do not contain primary or secondary nutrients like in fertilisers, but they include elements that stimulate your plant to improve its internal processes. Just as we need to take our vitamins, we give boosters to our plants to give their metabolism a kick-start. Hesi Boosters can be used as building blocks for the perfect plant health. They make your life as a grower easier and give your plants a boost for stronger resistance throughout their whole growing cycle. Boosters are the ideal addition to your plant feed together with our fertilisers!