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The Magic Potion for your plants

SuperVit is a bio-stimulant for plants that can do extraordinary things with just a few drops. It is magical how it can improve the energy level of plants, strengthens vitality and resistance to inhibiting factors. SuperVit improves the absorption and processing of nutrients from the soil. It provides the plant with important components for metabolism. The ready-made building blocks in SuperVit allow the plant to skip certain steps of its internal metabolism. This saves time and energy. The saved energy and time can be used for better development. The vital substances are also growth promoters for the microorganisms in the substrate. This creates strong networks between the plant, the substrate and the microorganisms in it.
Special Features: 
  • Highly concentrated 
  • Effective for all plants 
  • Excellent for all methods of cultivation
  • At every watering or spraying
  • 1 drop for 0 up to 4,5 L of water and 2 drops from 4,5 up to 9 L
  • 1 ml / up to 65 litres water
25 different vitamins, amino acids and other vital substances highly concentrated and exceptionally effective for plants.
SuperVit is available in the following sizes:
  • 10ml 
  • 50ml 
  • 100ml 
  • 500ml

Did you know? 

All the organic and highly complex substances plants need to live can be produced by the plants themselves from non-living minerals. This makes them much more independent than humans and animals. While we depend on getting these vital substances from food, the plant is self-sufficient. 
SOS Baby Grow Bloom Soil Hydro Coco

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Boosters do not contain primary or secondary nutrients like in fertilisers, but they include elements that stimulate your plant to improve its internal processes. Just as we need to take our vitamins, we give boosters to our plants to give their metabolism a kick-start. Hesi Boosters can be used as building blocks for the perfect plant health. They make your life as a grower easier and give your plants a boost for stronger resistance throughout their whole growing cycle. Boosters are the ideal addition to your plant feed together with our fertilisers!