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Clean Substrate = Healthy Plants

Hesi PowerZyme is a plant booster designed to optimise the quality of your plants' substrate. Even the best developed root system is affected by the quality of the substrate. The roots need a high oxygen content and an environment that is rich in microorganisms and free from rot. The main ingredient of PowerZyme is a biotechnologically derived extract of enzymes obtained from a Trichoderma fungus. These enzymes ensure that small dead plant parts consisting of cellulose are immediately broken down into their essential parts. The components of the cellulose are sugar molecules that are used as food by both the plant and the microorganisms. 

20 ml / 10 L

  • Use continuously throughout the plant cycle to keep your medium clean. 

Extract of enzymes from the Trichoderma fungus. 
PowerZyme is available in the following volumes:

  • 500 ml
  • 1000 ml
  • 2,5 L
  • 5 L
  • 10 L

Did you know? 

A root grows continuously and forms new root hairs every few days. The old hairs are pushed out, which leads to the substrate becoming contaminated, especially in smaller pots. These impurities reduce the oxygen supply and attract both fungus and bacteria. With cellulose breaking enzymes, everything stays clean. 
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Boosters do not contain primary or secondary nutrients like in fertilisers, but they include elements that stimulate your plant to improve its internal processes. Just as we need to take our vitamins, we give boosters to our plants to give their metabolism a kick-start. Hesi Boosters can be used as building blocks for the perfect plant health. They make your life as a grower easier and give your plants a boost for stronger resistance throughout their whole growing cycle. Boosters are the ideal addition to your plant feed together with our fertilisers!