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⁠Our products are very cost efficient, as you only need a couple of millilitres for your plants (or drops if you use our SuperVit😉). This means that some of you will use our bottles for a long time. While this in itself can of course be seen as a very welcoming advantage, it does raise the question; Can Hesi products be stored and used indefinitely? And if not, after how long will the product expire?

The answer: If our products are stored according to the instructions on the label (properly closed and in a dark and cool, but frost free place), we guarantee that they will remain of excellent quality for 2 years.

It is likely that the product remains perfectly useable much longer, but it is wise to inspect the contents for quality after this time. Products that are starting to expire, and therefore lose some of their potency, may start to smell different and become
cloudy. If they were not properly closed, slime from bacterial or fungal growth may be present. After the initial 2 year guaranteed period, the clumping of some components starts to become a risk. These clumped particles sink to the bottom, and won't dissolve anymore, even after giving the bottle a good shake. Solid particles, or any of the other mentioned abnormalities, can be detrimental to your plants and therefore are not desirable.

If you notice any of the described signals, we recommend replacing the product. At this point, your plants will be much better off with a fresh bottle.

Hesi products will maintain their quality best if they are kept in their original container, properly closed after each use, and stored in a dark and cool (but frost free) place. Something to be especially mindful of, is the effect of direct sunlight on the containers. This can heat up the bottles to a deceptively high temperature, far higher than the general temperature of the room they are in. For this reason, sunlight is best avoided. The garage, the basement, or a pantry will usually provide the desired conditions.

In extremely warm climates, it's actually not a bad idea to store Hesi's bottles in the refrigerator during the hottest days. Just remember, definitely do NOT store them in the freezer, and make sure to keep track of which food is for your plants, and which is for you!
Hesi Plantenvoeding B.V. is a production company and we distribute to wholesalers. During the 26 years that we've been operating, we built an amazing community of Hesi-Retailers😎. You can find Hesi in shops in over 40 countries world wide.
On our retailers page you can find a list of all our retailers. ⁠

No retailers in your area? Contact us, as we'd like to help you to acquire our products regardless.
Original Hesi containers can be recognised by the HESI letters punched into the bottles and cans that are 500 ml or larger. Another way of spotting a faked or copied product, is Hesi's colour system for our products. The colour of the products' liquid itself, should (roughly) correspond with the colour of the label. Lastly, every Hesi container that is either 500 ml or larger, is closed with a seal. Our packaging machine places an aluminum tab, that is melted onto the opening of bottles and cans before they are capped. Does your container lack one of the above mentioned consistencies, or do you have other doubts regarding its authenticity?

Don't Hesi-tate to send us a picture of the product with its label and a description of what you are concerned about! You can use our contact form to do so, and we will do our best to clear up any suspicions.
Production of Hesi's products takes place completely in house, with our own facilities. This has been the case since 1996. Our current production hall is located in the city of Kerkrade, the Netherlands. Here, the mixing, packaging and preparations for transport are carried out and monitored by the Hesi team.
Would you like to see our production halls? Check out the About Us Page for a video tour inside Hesi's HQ.
Only products of the Bio Hesi line are biological. These meet all requirements for biological and organic cultivation, and can be recognised by the "Bio Hesi" name with the corresponding "100% natural", "vegan" and "organic farming" logo's. 

The raw materials used in products of this line are sustainably sourced from byproducts of food production, and 100% vegan. 

Besides these, Hesi Bio products do contain minerals and trace elements as well. Plants simply need these to survive. While these components technically can't be considered to be organic (in the same way that plain table salt can't be seen as such either), Bio Hesi's ingredients do meet all requirements to be fully permitted for organic and biological farming. The magnesium/calcium salts, as well as all the phosphates and trace elements naturally occur in soil and compost.
Yes, all our products are vegan. We use no animal based products such as bone materials, feather meal or any other non-vegan ingredients that are often used in other fertilisers. This is very important to us, as we do not want to contribute to animal harm.
For our price lists, please contact us by filling out the form on the contact page. We will get back to you and do our best to help you further.
We are happy to help you! We can send images, videos, articles, banners, merchandise or other marketing materials, as long as stock lasts. Please view more details on the download page, where you will be able to download a media-kit. 
... a question we receive a lot! A really good question that depends on so many factors: your climate, the amount of sun, the location (and the time of the sun-rise and sunset), where you are cultivating your plants and with which method, what kind of plants, which stage the plant is and many more. 

We advice firstly to always investigate what your type of plant needs, and which conditions are best for your plant. Follow these instructions, but be careful: it is better to UNDERwater your plant, than to OVERwater it. A lot of damage can be done, which is often irreversible, if you overwater your plant too often. Secondly; if your plants are outside, make sure to water them before sunrise. Otherwise the leaves could burn, as water droplets on the leaves can function as lenses that form focal points on the leaf surface, concentrating sun rays. Watering before the sun stands high also ensures that the water actually reaches the plant roots before it evaporates.

If you have specific questions you can send us a picture of your plant on Instagram @Hesi_Global or by filling out our contact form, and we can help you further.
Like many other things, the temperature of the water also influences the condition of your plant 🌿⁠ ⁠

Just like when you step into a hot or cold shower, plants can get shocked by a sudden temperature difference as well. Where we will start to gasp for air and try to dodge the cold stream coming out of the shower head, a plants' water circulation can also become temporarily disrupted. 

A good rule is to keep the water temperature about the same as the room temperature. If it is reasonably warm in the house, make sure the water is also slightly warmer. In general, it is better if the water is a little warmer than our drinking water 💦
We often get the question: "my plants are bigger than average, do I need to give them more fertiliser?” 🌴⁠ ⁠ 

In a general sense yes, you do. However, you give them more water as well. By giving your plant more water, you automatically feed them more Hesi, if you follow the listed dosage. If the balance of water versus fertiliser is correct, you are good to go 🤞⁠ ⁠

But how much more water do you need to give your plant? That really depends on the temperatures in the plant’s atmosphere, the system you grow with, the amount of plants per system, the size of your plants and way more! Our rule of thumb: only water when your plants really need it 💦⁠ ⁠

When the planting substrate is dried well, the root is also largely free of water and fertiliser. This allows the plant to absorb the offered minerals better and faster than if it is kept constantly moist. Please note: the substrate must be dry, not the plant itself.⁠
Here our advice is: make sure you research into the exact type of your plant, as this answer depends on many factors such as the climate, your location and more.

For example in the winter the air is getting dryer inside due to increased heating. Most of your lovely green inside friends do not like that, so keep them moisturised! ⁠ ⁠

Our favourite tip is to spray them with water once every two weeks, or to put them in the bathroom after a hot shower as there is probably some humid steam 🧖‍♂️ Note: don't put them IN the shower / bath! Just in the room after showering. 
Yes, in some cases it is possible to save your products after freezing. We've received this question often enough for our chemists to create a video that details the remedy for crystallised products with clear instructions, so you may still use them. Of course, avoiding frost during storage entirely is preferable!

You can watch this video here: https://youtu.be/aRXlZdNyqBk
Can I get some free products so I can show the effects to my followers?
First of all thank you for considering Hesi! We like to keep an open, though critical attitude towards discussing collaborations. The succes of such a project will depend on the level of your (-or your organisation's) professionalism, reach, and the type of business you are active in. If you have an idea or proposal, introduce it to us by filling out or contact form.

Yes you can use PowerZyme because it does not contain any nutrients on its own, since it is a booster. Hydro Growth is a NPK fertiliser with secondary- and trace elements, which is also included in the HousePlant Elixir. If you use any NPK fertiliser with HousePlant Elixir, you could over fertilise your plants. 
It depends on your wishes and needs! HousePlant Elixir is a fertiliser plus boosters all in one (Root Complex and SuperVit). And it is perfectly suitable for (semi) hydro systems. When you are using Hydro Growth and wanted to have the same vital elements as in HousePlant Elixir, you can use Root Complex and SuperVit together with Hydro Growth. The beauty about HousePlant Elixir is that it's all in one so easy to use. See here more information. 
HousePLant Elixir is TNT Complex plus the complete vital elements from Root Complex and SuperVit. So rather then being different, it's just more in one, but then specialised for houseplants. 
You can use the HousePlant Elixir together with: Boost, PowerZyme, PK-additives if you wish. You should not use RootComplex or SuperVit. It does not harm your plants, but is simple already inside the HousePlant Elixir, so you could over-fertilise your plants. 
OrchiVit is specifically designed for the needs of Orchids. The difference is, that HousePlant Elixir contains more Calcium and more Magnesium (Mg as the central atom of the chlorophyll) and the amino acids and vitamins are composed slightly differently. HousePlant Elixir is designed specifically for the needs of HousePlants. 
Like many other things, the temperature of the water also influences the condition of your plant. Just like when you step into a hot or cold shower, plants can get shocked by a sudden temperature difference as well. Where we will start to gasp for air and try to dodge the cold stream coming out of the shower head, a plant's water circulation can also become temporarily disrupted. 🥶🌿