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Root Complex


Strong Roots, Strong Plants 

Hesi Root Complex helps young plants get started through their plant life journey. It relieves stressed plants and simplifies your life as a gardener. With Root Complex, young plants experience an optimal and fast consumption of plant nutrients through strong roots and thick stems. The better these transport routes are developed, the more the plant can absorb. Root Complex alleviates stress situations of plants, e.g. due to a change of location or repotting. It helps the plant to quickly adapt its internal structure to new conditions. Root Complex ensures optimal communication between the root system and the leaves, resulting in balanced growth and a fast-acting defence system. 

Special features 
  • For rapid root development of unrooted cuttings. 
  • Provides strong roots and thick stems.
  • First aid for ailing plants.

50 ml / 10 L 
  • Half dosage for long-term and frequent use. 
  • Can be administered together with fertilisers and other boosters.

Root Complex is a mixture of micronutrients, selected vitamins, amino acids and other vital substances, all effective on plants.

Root Complex is available in the following quantities: 

  • 500 ml
  • 1000 ml
  • 2,5 L
  • 5 L
  • 10 L
  • 20 L

Did you know?

Transpiration on the leaves is the engine that drives water uptake from the roots to the stem and the leaves. It is an automatic process that the plant can only control by opening and closing the pores on the leaves. When the motor is switched off, no water or nutrients reach the inside. Plants always react to stress first by closing the leaf pores. This is a first aid measure of the plant. Sometimes it can lead to contradictory symptoms. An example: Too much water can cause stress, the pores are closed and no water gets to the leaves, causing the leaves to hang down limply, even though the substrate is wet. Too much fertiliser also causes stress, which can lead to deficiency symptoms becoming visible although the substrate is well fertilised.
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Boosters do not contain primary or secondary nutrients like in fertilisers, but they include elements that stimulate your plant to improve its internal processes. Just as we need to take our vitamins, we give boosters to our plants to give their metabolism a kick-start. Hesi Boosters can be used as building blocks for the perfect plant health. They make your life as a grower easier and give your plants a boost for stronger resistance throughout their whole growing cycle. Boosters are the ideal addition to your plant feed together with our fertilisers!