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Grow Shedule Coco

Coco is used both: In pot cultures as well as in hydro systems.

Coco is neutral, can hold different minerals such as calcium.

The HESI Coco fertilizers are adapted to this..

HESI TNT Complex NPK fertiliser for the growth period. 1 Liter TNT ComplexHTML PDF Label TNT Complex
HESI Coco is a high quality and flowering plant NPK fertiliser, for the supply of coconut optimized and enriched. 1 Liter HESI Coco HTML PDF Label HESI Coco
HESI PK 13/14 gives extra phosphorus and potassium for flowering and bloom-ending plants.
Tailored to HESI Hydro Bloom and HESI COCO
1 Liter PK 13/14 HTML PDF Label PK

HESI programma di crescita COCO:

Grow Shedule COCO

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