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HESI SuperVit

vitamins and amino acids

HESI OrchiVit

best choice for your orchids

HESI Nutrients

optimized nutrients for soil, hydro and coco

HESI Root Complex

for thicker stems and a stronger root system


more flowers - sweeter taste

HESI PowerZyme

improves the microflora

World-class nutrients for plant growth in soil, hydro and coco

A passion for growth and bloom, a commitment to quality and a deep-rooted knowledge of what makes plants grow has been the trademark of HESI and its world-class line of nutrients and supplements.

HESI is designed to stimulate plant growth and increase yields by integrating optimal vitamin compounds geared towards each phase of the plant's life cycle.

The secret of HESI's potency is not really a secret at all! It comes from years of experience and scientific know-how all combined with a passion for quality. It's the science behind growth and bloom that makes HESI the grower's choice.

Hesi is well known as a producer of high quality nutrients at affordable prices. We produce nutrients for any media on the market like soil, hydro and coco. Furthermore we are offering valuable additives such as amino acids, enzymes and plant sugars that turn every product into a "source of health" for your plants.

HESI products - make gardeners and plant happy and satisfied

This site contains information about our company and about the nutrients we produce for soil culture, hydro culture and coco culture. The site also provides useful cultivation timetables, you can look into our catalogue and see where you can buy our products.

With great pride we present our newest product: HESI Boost !!!

HESI Boost is a bloom activator and contains fruit enzymes, plant sugars, organic minerals and trace elements.

It gives great results:
More and larger flowers and a higher yield of better quality!

HESI Boost stimulates a superior flowering and fruit ripening and can be used either as a leaf fertilizer or can be added to the feeding water.

For more information, please see on this website under Products.

Just ask for our latest sensation, the HESI Boost at your familiar HESI supplier or the better garden and plant store.

HESI SuperVit

What does HESI SuperVit do:

HESI SuperVit is a highly concentrated solution of plant-active vital elements, which are produced naturally by fungi. SuperVit replaces the function of the fungi and makes the plant less dependent of climatic conditions.
The plants can optimally process the light offered (more photosynthesis). This starts the growth of a strong and healthy plant, and strong flowering shoots form.

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