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Bio Grow


Grow Big with Bio 

Bio Hesi Grow is our newest growth fertiliser. Developed with love and care, for all who want to feed crops organically, with a 100% natural product. Fully formulated with fruit and plant extracts, so it is also totally vegan. Bio Hesi's ingredients do meet all requirements to be fully permitted for organic and biological farming. The magnesium/calcium salts, as well as all the phosphates and trace elements naturally occur in soil and compost as well.

Bio Hesi Grow is an NPK fertiliser with optimal nitrogen levels to promote the growth of your plants. It is a powerful, but gentle feeding for your crop. Above all; Hesi Bio Grow is sustainable and kind to the environment. It can be used for any cultivation method such as soil, coco or hydroponics. It is a liquid product that does not crystallise, so it will not clog pipes or drippers!

It is perfect for the growers that care for the planet, are against animal cruelty, and want to spoil their plants with an extra nutritional level of love. 

  • As usual with HESI products, use is simple and straightforward. 
  • During the growth phase of your plants. 
  • Will guarantee spectacular growth.
50 ml / 10 L
  • Liquid biological NPK fertiliser of plant origin 
  • NPK 4-1-4 

Bio Grow is available in the following sizes: 

  •  500ml 
  •  1L 
  •  5L 
  •  20L

Did you know?

What is the definition of organic and inorganic? These terms are often jumbled up and given a judgement of being bad or good. The simple definition of organic is everything that is not inorganic, yet we understand that doesn't say that much. Organic is everything, which contains carbon (C) and oxygen (O) or hydrogen (H), except 3 exceptions (CO2, CO and methane). That means oil is organic, all plastics are "organic", pesticides are organic (if they are not arsenic), but also proteins, sugars and vitamins. So only organic does not necessarily mean it is an environmental-friendly substance.
BIO Grow Soil Hydro Coco

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All our fertilisers provide nutrients for plants to grow and thrive. They enrich your plant with the nutrients it needs, for a specific period of its life cycle. Fertilisers make your crops grow faster and larger, so yields will be increased. We divide the type of nutrients into different levels. The primary nutrients are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). These three nutrients improve the growth and productiveness of the plant. Secondary nutrients are for example calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and sulphur (S). There are further micro nutrients that complete the composition of each individual fertiliser. The Hesi fertilisers contain several different nutrients, blended to the perfect mix for your plants! Use our boosters alongside your fertiliser feed, to improve the metabolism and resistance of your plant.