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Everything that your plant needs

Our fertilisers are crafted and produced in house, based on years of knowledge about the needs of plants. Hesi's vision is to provide you as the grower with a fertiliser of high quality that is easy to understand and use. Our products are designed for Soil, Hydro & Coco specifically. 

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Growing strawberries from seeds to plant

Growing strawberries from seeds to plant

Discover the comprehensive beginner's guide to growing strawberries from seeds. Learn about ideal conditions, seed selection, soil prep, planting techniques, and maintenance tips for successful homegrown strawberries. Start your journey today!

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Best Houseplants for Experienced Growers

Best Houseplants for Experienced Growers

Are you an experienced indoor gardener looking for a new challenge? Have you been growing houseplants for a while now? Read this blog to learn about how to take care of these plants and how to use Hesi Fertilisers.

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What are boosters, and how are they different from fertilisers?

What are boosters, and how are they different from fert...

Hesi Boosters have two main benefits: saving time and saving energy. By using Hesi Boosters, the time it takes for plants to develop their root system, improve their overall health and condition, maintain their growth medium, and produce fruits and flowers is significantly reduced. Boosters differ from fertilisers in that they do not provide primary NPK nutrients but instead...

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Read the latest news, blogs and articles to learn more about cultivation, plants & our products. We love to share our years of knowledge with you! 


Who is Hesi?

Hesi stands for HEnk and SIglinde - the founders of Hesi. Their love for plants united and the Hesi products were born in 1996. Since then, Hesi has grown from the garage to the current production halls in Kerkrade, the Netherlands, where all products are produced in-house and shipped all over the world. 

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