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Hesi Pack


Small but powerful

Our Hesi Pack has all you need to kick start your next cultivation. 
It contains the following: 
  • 250 ml of Hesi TNT Complex
  • 250 ml of Hesi Bloom Complex
  • 250 ml of Hesi Phosphor Plus
  • 100 ml Hesi Boost 
  • A Catalogue

Hesi TNT Complex is perfect for the growth phase, as your plants become strong and powerful. Our Hesi Bloom Complex is there to assist your plant during the flowering phase. It provides all the necessary substances to blossoming plants for their extra needs during flowering. Hesi Boost is used as a flowering accelerator, used in combination with Hesi Bloom Complex. It speeds up flower formation and produces strong and stable flowers. During the second half of the flowering phase, the plants need an increased level of phosphorus and potassium. This is the time to use Hesi Phosphorus Plus, which is a flowering amplifier. For more guidance on how to use our fertilisers and when, you can check out our grow schedules in the download page.
See the individual product detail pages for the properties and cultivation directions for each specific product.
See the individual product detail pages for the properties and cultivation directions for each specific product.
Each Hesi Pack entails diverse smaller packaging of the essential products. It contains a 250 ml bottle of Hesi TNT Complex, Bloom Complex and Phosphorus Plus, a 100 ml bottle of Hesi Boost, and a catalogue.
NPK Grow Bloom Soil

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About Hesi Packs

For those who would like to purchase everything at once, especially for a smaller cultivation, we've created our Hesi Pack & Hesi StarterBox. It's perfect for beginners or experienced cultivators who like to have everything in a compact package. Both packs are also amazing as a gift to a friend or family member!