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Grow Shedule SoilPlant cultivation in a soil substrate differs from hydroponic systems in many points.

Soil holds water and nutrients longer and enriches unused materials itself.

That is why Hesi fertiliser is free of ballast materials and rich in organic fertiliser, so that the planting soil is barely affected.

HESI TNT Complex - NPK fertiliser for the growth period 1 Liter TNT ComplexHTML PDF Label TNT Complex
HESI Bloom Complex - NPK fertiliser for the flowering phase
HESI Bloom Complex contains a very effective pH stabilizer
1 Liter Bloom Complex HTML PDF Label Bloom Complex

HESI Fosfor Plus - PK fertiliser and to intensify flowering - Tailored to HESI Bloom Complex

1 Liter Phosphorus Plus HTML PDF Label Phosphorus Plus

HESI plan de cultivo SUELO:

Grow Shedule Soil

When using the HESI earth fertilizer we recommend entirely on the use of pH correctors to waive

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