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You can download our HESI-product-labels, different HESI-flyers, HESI-product-pictures and
our HESI-safety-sheets for our acids and alkalis specificated for a lot of countries !!!

Users from the Netherlands, Germany, England, Italy, Spain and France can also browse for the desired information, the country-specific HESI website.

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Grow Schedules:

Grow Schedule Soil:zoombar mit php
Grow Schedule Hydro:zoombar mit php
Grow Schedule COCO:zoombar mit php
Grow Schedule Chilis & Tomatos:zoombar mit php
Grow Schedule Bananas:zoombar mit php

Whether tomatoes, chillies or other fruits, many plants are grown from seed. To ensure an optimum supply of young seedlings, you can download here our additional breeding scheme for young seed plants:
Additional Grow Schedule for Seeds:zoombar mit php

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