HESI ClonFix - for quickly rooting cuttings
not available in Germany and The Netherlands !!!

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Hesi ClonFix is a rooting hormone solution in a viscous form, which ensures fast rooting of cuttings. ClonFix contains a synthetic rooting hormone that works just like natural rooting hormones.

Natural rooting hormone (auxine) is produced by the plant itself in the leaves, but it takes too long for this to get to the end of the new cutting. For this reason a rooting hormone is applied to the basal end of the cuttings, by dipping them in ClonFix.
ClonFix penetrates rapidly into the stems and closes the basal end, so that the rooting hormone remains in the stem for a long period, stimulating rapid production of new roots.

The stem must only be dipped into the ClonFix solution from between 3mm up to 5mm, because an excess of rooting hormone is counter-effective and slows down the growth rate of new roots. ClonFix is suitable for all cutting forms.

HESI CloneFixClonFix Instructions for use:

1. Place a little ClonFix in a separate cup.HESI CloneFix

2. Dip cuttings 3-5mm into the HESI ClonFix. HESI CloneFix

3. Place into chosen plant medium. (rockwool, soil, perlite etc.) HESI CloneFix

Pre-Treatment: (not compellingly necessary)
For best results use HESI Root Complex for pre-treatment:

HESI CloneFixHESI CloneFix Immediatly after cutting, put the plants (cuttings) in a solution of Root Complex.
To provide a still better start for the cuttings, put the newly cut stems in a aqueous solution of HESI Root Complex for 30-60 minutes.
The concentration of this Root Complex solution is 10 times higher than the normal dosage: 5ml for 100ml water = 50ml for 1 Liter water !!!

HESI CloneFixShake of rendunant water or dab with a kitchen paper.
This pre-treatment results in the plants remaining healthier and more stable.

HESI CloneFix

Afterwards treat with ClonFix and plant in the cutting medium of your choice. The remaining Root Complex solution can be evenly distributed over the medium.

Treatment of the motherplant:
Add some Root Complex to the mother plant a few days before the clones should be cut, this will ensure that the new plants will already have all the required substances for taking roots rapidly. Treat mother plants after cutting with HESI TNT Complex to rebuild the removed parts of the plant quickly.

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