iconHESI Booster and extra Supplies

Booster help to bring the soil flora in motion. Evacuate the planting medium and give the plant metabolism an extra kick.

Boosters are no fertilizer - but extra supplies, which make our lives substantially easier.

All our boosters and supplements are pH and EC neutral.

HESI Root Complex is a plant aid for healthy root growth. 1 Liter Root ComplexHTML PDF Label Root Complex
HESI Power Zyme interacts in the soil and roots flora between the plant, the substrate and there occurring microorganisms. 1 Liter Power Zyme HTML PDF Label Power Zyme
HESI Boost Flowering Accelerator:
Complete organic fertilizer to the intensification of the flower. Activates flowering and plant fruit ripening.
1 Liter HESI Boost HTML PDF Label HESI Boost
HESI SuperVit is a highly concentrated growth enhancer that consists of 15 plant-active vitamins and 10 amino acids. SuperVit HTML PDF Label SuperVit

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